The Family Business Duet Book Blitz

The Family Business: Love or Family by TK Cherry (Book 1)
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As the next in the line of succession to a global empire, Ford Cooper Pope is royalty.
But beneath his cocky façade lies a broken man filled with self-doubt. He once longed
to leave the unattainable expectations of his father behind and run away with the love
of his life. He was willing to sacrifice everything for her—right up to the moment she
ripped his heart out.
Now, he wears a mask and dutifully plays the good son.
His mother, Eliza, watched the light fade behind her son’s eyes after the loss of his
love. Her part in the bitter break-up caused a chasm of distance between them that
took years to repair. Now, their fragile relationship is at risk once more. To placate his
father, Ford is prepared to marry a woman he doesn’t love.
Can Eliza convince her son to fight for his happiness? Or will he settle for less to
protect his heart?
The Family Business: Mercy or Pain by TK Cherry (Book 2)
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Ford thought he was over Harper… until she sauntered back into his life. With a single
glance, the pain of her betrayal faded, replaced by an all-consuming desire to touch
her. Still, he can’t allow himself to forget the past. He had been willing to sacrifice
everything to be with her, but she’d cast his love aside and left him a broken shell of
his former self. Despite the magnetic attraction that still lingers between them, his
heart can’t take losing her again.
Little does he know, Harper has a secret.

Now, his mother, Eliza, has uncovered the truth and will stop at nothing to expose it.
Can Harper prove to Ford that everything she did was to protect him? Or will the years
she took from him cost them their future?

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