Writing Prompt: Rose and Brooch

Writing Prompt: Rose and Brooch

The field was moved by the breeze that shuffled through the sky. The silence that followed the breeze was deep. The field had not been tended to by any human for many years. It is a mystery what happened to them. One day, the town was full of life and the fields were constantly visited and tended to. The next, everything was completely silent. 

The fields continued to thrive despite the lack of care that the humans gave it. Some would even say that it grew more and more beautiful as the time went on. The flowers were bright and cheery. The grass was tall and strong. The only thing it lacked was somebody around to enjoy all the beauty it had to offer. The field was lonely. 

One night near Christmas, the field whispered a wish to the moon. It wished for people to come visit. Even just one person. The loneliness was too much. It feared the end of its existence if it didn’t have somebody come enjoy their time there. The beauty of the field meant nothing without the love and appreciation of a human. One they had admittedly taken for granted in the time before.

Three days after the desperate wish to the moon, something amazing happened. A single purple rose fell slowly from the sky. It was shortly followed by a rose shaped brooch. The field and flowers didn’t know what to make of the sudden addition. They were thinking about it so much they didn’t hear the soft footsteps along the walkway. They almost missed the beautiful little girl with the brown curls. 

Mary was lost. She had been with her family in a car when suddenly she vanished. She found herself in a field. The field was large and beautiful, but she was scared. She didn’t know where she was or why she was there. She was worried she had done something wrong and was now being punished for her bad behavior. Did her parents know she was gone? Were they here with her? 

Mary found herself drawn to the rose and brooch that were now lying ahead of her on the walkway. She walked over to them and picked them up. With a gasp, she realized the brooch was her mother’s. The flower was her mother’s favorite flower of all time.

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