Peppermint Latte With a Side of Murder by Meredith Potts Book Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Rating: 3 of 5 Christmas Dinners

Thoughts On Plot: This is a very quirky and easy read. It could easily be read all in one sitting. It’s wholesome and charming. Definitely a book that can be read during the holidays. It’s light and fluffy. There’s not too much going on. This book is perfect for reading during downtimes or times when the reader isn’t really interested in reading heavy plot filled books.

Thoughts On Characters: The characters were all quirky. None of them were really memorable. To be fair, it’s really a very short read. It’s not really a story that has a lot of meat in it. Not enough to fully get to know the characters. It’s cute though and the characters are too.

Notable Points In Book: This is a book that could be taken to family gatherings and parties. It’s something that can be read during downtimes.

Rating On Narrator: 3 of 5 Stars to Stephanie Quinn

Thoughts On Audiobook: I really enjoyed the narration of this narrator. She made the book feel cozy and adorable with her voice. The only problem I had was her male voices. They came off a bit creepy and angry.

Suggestions For Author: Other than making it a longer book, none that I can think of.

Would I Recommend?: I would. It’s a very light and fluffy read. I enjoyed it very much.

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