Writing Prompt: Star and Cottage

Writing Prompt: Star and Cottage

The stars were shining bright in the clear night sky. It was beautiful and peaceful. There were hardly any sounds to be heard throughout the fields. One star in particular shone over a beautiful cottage. The cottage itself seemed ordinary, but that was just an illusion. The cottage was a very important place. That wouldn’t be known for many years.

Right now, a child was being born in the cottage. This child would be the beginning of change in all the lands. She would lead the world to greatness. She would also be the ruin of her parents. She would become everything they despise despite trying to mold her into someone more like them. Someone whose soul was tainted and evil.

Her name was Harmony. Harmony grew up lovely. She was full of love and peace. She touched the lives of many who met her. She was kind to everyone. Her parents hated it and her for it. When she was old enough to fend for herself, they quickly threw her out. They told her she was a disgrace and they were ashamed to have given birth to her. 

Her heart was broken, but she was bound and determined not to let it get to her. She went to the closest village she could find for comfort and shelter. She found both. She was accepted by everybody there. She wound up living many years there comfortably and happily. She was accepted by everybody as family. She did what she could to help anybody in need. She was a joy to have around and people were happy to be near her.

One day, she was approached by a stranger. He informed her that her parents had passed away in an accident. As they had no other relatives, everything they had got left to her. At first, she refused. She didn’t want any part of it as she remembered how they were and what they did to her. In the end, she finally accepted. She realized she could turn the cottage into something good. 

It took many years to undo the dark taint that surrounded the cottage, but she managed to do it. She turned it into a lovely home for herself where she spent many moments of leisure painting or reading. She also turned the cottage into a sanctuary for anybody who needed it. She healed those who were sick or hurt and comforted those who were in pain. She became known for her compassion and dedication to others. The village that took her in were especially proud of her.

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