Writing Prompt: Sky and River

Writing Prompt: Sky and River

Sky shifted her position. She had been squatting behind the bushes for half the day. She was growing bored and restless. It didn’t seem anything was going to happen. She wanted to go back to the camp, but she had to wait until Rayne replaced her watch. She would then spend all of two seconds telling him of the nothingness that transpired during her watch. After which, she would promptly head to camp and sleep.

The time finally passed and Rayne relieved her of her duty. After casually flirting, she made her way back to the camp. The closer she got to the camp, the less tired she seemed to feel. She was hungry and starting to get a little grumpy. She didn’t understand why she was constantly being picked to do watches. It didn’t seem anybody else was being chosen as much as she was. Once she arrived at the camp, she found River waiting for her smiling. River had a bowl of Sky’s favorite soup. She was so happy she promptly kissed the woman without even thinking about the potential consequences of what would happen had anybody seen the kiss.

“Sky! You have to be more careful.”

“Oh shush. It’s not like anybody would think anything of it. I am merely a hungry woman who was so happy to see food I went mad for a moment.”

“You know that they will know better than that nonsense. They will start putting two and two together. You have to think sensibly. You will be married in three nights.”


“Sky! Be reasonable! This is a very well made match! You could do so much worse.”

“If you like the man so much, you marry him. I have no interest in men and I never will.”

“You know that I am not interested in men either. Even if I was, I am not permitted to marry. You know this. I am meant to serve you. That is my life’s purpose.”

“It’s a bunch of rubbish! That’s what it is. You’re an amazing woman. I’m so tired of certain members of our tribe being seen as better than others. Especially you.”

“We must accept things as they are. They can never be any other way.”

“Unless we fight it. Unless we make a new rule.”

“Sky! You mustn’t talk like that!”

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