Writing Prompt: Snowflake and Parade

Writing Prompt: Snowflake and Parade (In honor of Christmas)

Piper bit her lip to keep from groaning in frustration. She couldn’t understand why this happened every single year. Couldn’t they figure out a system that worked? Of course they couldn’t. They wanted everybody to stand in line for hours and be cranky in the end. Why should anybody be happy on special days? When she was old enough, she was running for a spot in the committee that was in charge of all of the events.

“Would you relax, Pipp? We aren’t going to miss it. This happens every year and every year we wind up still being early.”

“Easy for you to say, Lane. You’re a main star of the show. The moment they see you they will rush you to the front of the line.”

“And I will grab you and pull you to the front with me. I thought that’s why you always insist on standing in these lines with me in the first place?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Lane rolled her eyes at Piper just as a man came running towards them. He was struggling to get past the people in the line. Everybody seemed very reluctant to let him through. The girls shared a glance with each other making it a point not to laugh too loud and give themselves away.

“There you are Miss Lane! Must you do this every year? We need you out at the parade in ten minutes!”

“But I need to get my drinks before I go up. You don’t want me to dehydrate and faint, do you?”

“Oh very well. Come on. Move it! Both of you. Follow me.”

The groans that followed the girls as they made their way up the line to get to the front gave Piper an indulgent feel of satisfaction. It was rare that she was given any kind of special treatment. Not that she cared. Lane always got special treatment being the town prodigy and talent. It didn’t really look like anything to brag about quite frankly. People fussing over you and not giving you any space. No thank you.

Once up front, they immediately ordered. The cashier waved away their money. Another perk about being around Lane. Nobody wanted to charge her for anything. Apparently her performances were payment enough. They had just picked up their foods and drinks and were preparing to make their way to the parade when the first snowflake fell. Right on Lane’s nose of course. Piper resisted the urge to kiss the snowflake as it melted. 

“So are you ready to render the town speechless… again.”

“I guess. I’m kind of nervous.”

“Lane Dixon. Afraid of performing in front of the town. Get out of here. Who are you and what have you done with my best friend?”


“You’ll do great Lane. You’re always great. You’re smart and talented. This town seems to think they have a special gem in you. You’d think that everybody is going to strike it rich once you hit it big or something.”

“And yet I aim to be a teacher.”

“Hearts will break.”

“They’ll be fine. They have you to strike it big. Miss I am going to become a famous writer.”

“I can’t be a famous writer if you don’t make it big as a scientist or musician. Who will I follow and write about if you don’t?”

“Piper. You promised.”

“You’re right! Besides. I’m only joking. On a serious note, whatever we do, we do together.”

They made their way to the street where the parade was being held and parted ways. Lane had to get with people for any last minute set up for her float and Piper had to find a nice spot up front so she could get an up close and personal view of everything passing by. Another perk about being drug through the crowd early with Lane. As they were drifting apart, Piper grabbed Lane’s hand.

“Lane. I love you. You know that right?”

“Piper don’t be crazy.”

“Then don’t date Harvey.”

“How did you? Nevermind. We’ll talk about this after the parade ends.”


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