Writing Prompt: Bravery and Watch

Writing Prompt: Bravery and Watch

Nick took a look over the night’s schedule as he prepared his coffee before beginning his shift. He stifled a groan. He was in for a long night. There were two people on his shift and both of them were pretty much useless. They only signed up for the night shift because they thought it would be easier. Nick knew better. Just because it was quieter didn’t make it easier. He knew what lurked in the dark. He had seen some of the worst of it in his time overseas. 

He was loyal to his country. He served three tours. On the third tour he was wounded horribly. He managed to recover, but he knew he would never be able to serve again. The country gave him a medal of bravery and then promptly forgot he ever existed. It threw him in a depression that lasted over a year. 

He probably would have remained in his depression if he hadn’t stumbled upon the help wanted ad that landed him in his current job. The company was looking for guards to watch over their factory. They had three shifts that desperately needed openings. On a whim, he went in and applied. 

The owner was the one that took the application. He requested an interview with Nick on the spot and hired him immediately for night shift. Nick was beyond surprised. He had no experience with guard duty at all. He could only assume that the owner was impressed with his military background. Either way, he wasn’t going to argue. He was happy to finally have a purpose again.

He spent two weeks getting himself familiar with the blueprints of the factory and the books. He wanted to make sure he knew everything fully. By the time he started his first shift, he felt like he knew the entire policy and could walk the entire premises blindfolded. He was ready. He was more than ready. He was hopeful. 

He had been with the company for five years now. He was now in charge with hiring and training the guards. He was also in charge with setting the schedules. He could easily sit back and let everybody else do the actual watch duty, but he insisted on being out in the field with them. He did his best to make sure everybody was taken care of and had the schedules they desired. He was more than happy with the team he had assembled. 

Well, most of them anyway. The two new guys just weren’t holding their weight. He didn’t like doing it, but he knew he was going to have to let them go. Two different nights, he sent a person in to test their security. They failed both nights. He couldn’t risk that. Just because things were uneventful for the most part didn’t mean they would always be uneventful. 

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