Writing Prompt: Chaos and Bridge

Writing Prompt: Chaos and Bridge

Sun stood on the sidewalk and watched the cars drive by. She looked out at the long bridge and sighed. She was not ready to make the journey she was about to have to make. She had already traveled many miles. It was when she truly got to thinking about everything that was about to go down that the panic set in on her. It made driving absolutely impossible. She had no choice but to pull over and sit for a bit. 

The chaos which had consumed her life for the past several weeks was finally going to come to a close. She was both relieved and heartbroken over it. She had had an ordinary life. She had a wonderful husband and two beautiful twin girls that were about to start college in the fall. She thought that her husband and her were about to enjoy a very peaceful time getting to know each other again after their daughters had left. That was until she came home and found him getting to know their next door neighbor, Brad.. 

The next several days after that were consumed with yelling, tears, and long conversations. She learned that her husband had never really been interested in women. He married Sun because it was expected of him from his family. He and Brad had been together for many years. He had planned on telling her once the girls had moved to college, but he never dreamed of her finding out the way she had. Had her yoga class not been canceled, he and Brad had intended to talk to her that evening over dinner.

She could have accepted he was gay. They were best friends above anything else. What she couldn’t accept was the fact that he had gone behind her back for years. She couldn’t accept that he couldn’t trust her not to tell her something so important about himself. That, above anything else, is what hurt her the most. It shattered her heart to know that the man she poured her heart out all these years to couldn’t even bother to tell her something that meant more to him than anything else in the world. She had no idea how she was going to go forward from here. 

With a sigh, she got back in her car. She had no idea what her future held, but she knew that dwelling about the past wasn’t going to do her any good. All she could do is get back in her car and continue her journey from here. As she was crossing the bridge, she had to resist the urge to just swing to the right and plunge into the water below. Her world may be crushed right now, but she knew that she would rebuild. The pain would only be temporary.

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