Writing Prompt: Woman and Sun

Writing Prompt: Woman and Sun

Brad looked up at the sun. He was convinced it was shining brighter than normal today. He tried to voice his concern, but nobody would listen to him. A few of them even suggested that he may need to look into professional help. He was annoyed with their attitudes, but he let it go. He had bigger things to worry about. They may not be able to see the signs of something big coming, but he could. 

Feeling restless, he decided to go out and do his walk through a little early. The wall was secure for the most part, but anything was possible. Brad had been in the field long enough to know that everything has weak points and the enemies would always go out of their way to find them to bring people down faster. 

He was halfway through his walk through when he saw a woman wandering around the woods. He was confused. Nobody should be around this area but the soldiers. He made his way towards her so he could investigate further. The closer he got, the more he realized how wrong the situation actually was. She was hurt badly. His instincts screamed at them to help her.

Once he was almost upon her, she finally looked up and noticed him. With a shriek of terror, she ran and hid behind a tree. Her body was trembling so bad that he would have found her even if he hadn’t watched where she went. He decided to let his guard down and get a full feel of the situation.

The emotions hit him immediately. She was alone and terrified. Something horrible had obviously happened to her. The pain followed next. It seemed that somebody had badly battered her. He didn’t want to do what he knew he had to do to get the story, but he willed himself to do it anyway. He delved into her mind. What he found took his breath away. 

Many of his soldiers had found her cottage and broken in. They demanded she give them all of her valuable possessions. When she refused, they beat her until she submitted. He was fearing they may have done worse things after that, but he was relieved to find that she was not ruined in that way. 

“M’lady. Please. I will not hurt you. You are safe now.”

“I don’t have anything! Please. Just let me go!”

“I know what happened. Please. I just want to help you.”


“I am a mage. One of the last of my kind. I am in charge of those who attacked you. For that I am deeply sorry. I will make sure that what they did doesn’t happen again. I will also see to it that you get your belongings back.”

“A… mage? But that’s not possible. There hasn’t been a mage in…”

“Twenty years. I know. At least not one that the public knows about anyway. My family has went through great lengths to keep our secret. I’m sure you know why.”

“Yes I do. My family has had to do the same thing. Many of the women in my family have the gift. We are terrified that he will find out and come for them.”

“That is a very valid concern. It’s the very reason I created this training ground. I want to prepare people to fight. To save our people that were taken away from us and return them home.”

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