Writing Prompt: Holiday and Battle

Writing Prompt: Holiday and Battle

Hallie was fuming. She couldn’t believe that Chris had snuck in yet again to try to ruin everything. She hadn’t even begun planning for her party yet. Why did Chris think she was so special that she deserved to have everybody know about her party long before it was even beginning to happen?

Okay so yeah. She allowed people to get gifts on the day of her party. So what? The people had to buy the gifts themselves! Hallie’s party was so much more fun. People got to dress up and share candy with each other! What’s more exciting than that? 

Hallie began to feel a little selfish. Most of the family was overshadowed by Chris. It had been like that since Chris was born. Especially poor Turk. He suffered the most from the impact. Once people had cleaned up from celebrating Hallie’s party, their focus went immediately to Chris’ party. Poor Turk. She couldn’t even begin to understand how he dealt with it year after year. He was so generous and kind. So thankful for everything he was given in life.

What was more disconcerting is the things Hallie heard. The family was beginning to be more and more disgruntled every year. She feared that if things didn’t calm down soon, there would be a big Holiday family battle. She was terrified of this. She may be mad at Chris, but that didn’t mean she wanted a battle. She loved Chris very much. She just felt that Chris was entirely self-centered. It would appear that many of the other Holiday family members felt so as well.

Val was the most vocal. She was tired of everybody making fun of her party. They claimed she wasn’t a true member of the Holiday family. She was just adopted in so that the family could get money off her. Many of the family got suspiciously quiet after she stated this. It was almost like they agreed but didn’t want to say anything out loud. 

Hallie and Val were the closest out of anybody in the family. They shared a love of chocolate and candies that the rest of the family didn’t get. They all loved candy and had it at all of their parties, but they didn’t obsess over it like Hallie and Val did. Hallie’s mom, Esther, liked to joke that their middle names should have been Reece. When they were younger, they didn’t get it as much as they do now. 

Hallie sighed as her phone rang. She knew without looking at it who it was. Years ago, she had assigned everybody their own ringtones so she could know who was calling. It has come in handy. Especially when she’s been busy preparing for her big party. 

“Hello, my darling Chris. What pleasure do I owe this lovely call?”

“I need answers. Patrick just called me and told me everybody was mad at me again! I just don’t get it! I’m so good to everybody. Why are you always so mad at me?”

“Maybe because you never care about any of our parties? Only your own?”

“It’s not like that and you know it! It’s just that my party requires much more concentration than y’alls. I tend to get absorbed in it sometimes. I’m sorry. I can’t help it that I’m the most favored and important.”

“This is the attitude that makes people mad. Can’t you just say you have more to plan and leave it at that? Why do you have to constantly remind people that you feel more important than everybody?”

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