Writing Prompt: Wolf and Dance

Prompt: Wolf and Dance

Jarod woke up confused. He had no idea where he was at all. He could feel that his arms were bound to his side. He tried to shift, but found he was barely able to move. He looked around and could tell that he was in a forest. He pressed into what he was sitting against and it felt like a tree. Ahead of him, he could see a group of almost naked women dancing. He could just barely hear their chants. He tried to focus on the words, but he couldn’t decipher anything. 

A woman in the group saw him and realized he was still awake. She threw what seemed like a blue ball at him. He tried his best to dodge the ball, but he found that he couldn’t. It went into his chest. He felt a pain he had never experienced before and his world went completely black. 

When Jarod woke up again, he knew something was different. The first thing he noticed was that his hearing was amplified somehow. He also felt that he wasn’t bound anymore. He was so thirsty he could barely think of anything else. He could hear a stream nearby so he followed the sound. It didn’t take him long to find the stream. He dipped his head into the water and drank. He thought of nothing else until his thirst was sated. 

As he was pulling his head back, he gasped in shock. The reflection facing him was of a wolf. He couldn’t understand. He blinked many times but he kept seeing the same black and white fur and blank face staring back at him. He backed away from the water and looked down. Where he expected to find his dark feet, he found paws. He got as much of a look at his body as he could and could only find fur where skin and clothes should have been. 

He couldn’t remember much. He remembered waking up bound. He remembered the women dancing. That must be it! Something they had done with the dance must have changed him. He wandered around trying to find the women. He was alone. He didn’t understand. He saw them just before his world went black. Just before…

Then he remembered. The woman who threw the blue ball of light at him. That must have been it. That must have been the thing that turned him into a beast. He couldn’t understand why they did this to him. He couldn’t understand what he had ever done in his life to deserve the punishment thrown his way. He always helped his tribe. He always did for others. He was even willing to marry anybody that the tribe wished him to and carry on his bloodline. 

Several weeks passed. He was beginning to adapt to the life of a wolf. He wondered if anybody missed him. If they wondered where he went and what had happened to him. He hunted when he was hungry and drank when he was thirsty. What scared him the most was that he was starting to lose touch with his humanity. The longer he stayed a wolf, the more of his human memories he forgot. 

He was just starting to begin to lose all hope entirely that he would find somebody to get him out of his mess when the woman appeared. He watched her for a while before making himself known. It was obvious she was looking for something. Once she spotted him she let out a cry of relief and ran to him.

“There you are. I was worried I wasn’t ever going to find you. You have good instincts and hide well. That’s a good thing. Many of my clan wish to kill you.”

What have I done?

“Nothing. They got the wrong man. You have an identical twin. Do you not?”

You can hear me?

“Yes. Yes. Now answer the question.”

Yes. I do.

“He has done horrible things to my people. Including forcing himself on them and impregnating two of them. We thought you were him. I realized when I saw him after the night we turned you that we had gotten the wrong man. I’ve been trying to find you since then to undo the curse.”

You can undo it? You can make me human again? 


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