Writing Prompt: Heaven and Explosion

Writing Prompt: Heaven and Explosion

Heaven was on a mission. Nothing or nobody was going to stop her. Not today. Not this time. She had waited too long for this moment. She was ready. It was going down. She felt the blood in her veins boiling in anticipating. The only thing left for her to do was count down. 

Weeks ago, Heaven had walked in on her best friend, the love of her life, and her boss having the time of her life in her living room. In the home that she paid for. In the home she worked hard to keep up. Her job wasn’t the safest job in the world, but it paid the bills. It helped her support herself and her wife. That was enough for her. 

She listened for hours hearing how they were just high and it meant nothing. She started to believe them and was going to let it go until her best friend slipped up. She couldn’t even remember what he had said, but she knew once he had said it that this thing had been going on for a while. When she directly asked, neither of the three could answer her for several minutes. It was Missy who finally told her the truth.

Missy had decided she missed having sex with men. While she loved Heaven with all her heart, she needed more where sex was concerned. She craved for more. She was sure that if Heaven just thought logically about it all, she would understand. Heaven wanted to slap the condescending look off Missy’s face. 

The explosion of shouts that followed Missy’s explanation was iconic. Had somebody been filming it, it would have made millions of views online. Missy would have loved every moment of it. Heaven guessed she shouldn’t have really been all that surprised. Missy was a stripper when they met. Missy changed really quickly as they dated. She should have seen all the red flags leading up to this moment. She didn’t. All she saw was that Missy must really care about her.

Heaven took one last puff of her cigarette and squashed the butt on the ground. She hadn’t stepped foot in her home for weeks. She told them she needed time to calm down and think things over. And she did. She had everything mapped out and planned. She pulled the paperwork from her car and made her way to the house. 

She took a breath and straightened her clothes and hair. She didn’t understand why she was suddenly nervous now. She and Missy had been married for two years. She loved Missy. She thought Missy was the one that she would spend the rest of her life with. She was wrong. Missy said as much when she asked if Heaven really thought they were going to be together forever. 

Yes, Missy. I did. That’s why I asked you to marry me. That’s why I brought you into my home and vowed to spend the rest of my life with you in sickness and in health. You gold digging piece of…

“Oh good. You’re home. We really need to talk.”

“Yes. We do. I have all the paperwork for you to sign to end this marriage. I’ll leave you with whatever you want if you sign the papers with no argument. If you fight me or try to take me to court, I will show the evidence of your infidelity and you will win nothing at all. Choose wisely.”

“Heaven! You couldn’t possibly think I want to divorce you! I love you. You’re my whole world. Please. Let’s work this out.”

“Didn’t you say that I shouldn’t have expected this to last forever? That doesn’t really sound like love to me.”

“Dammit, Heaven. I wasn’t talking about our relationship. I was referring to our monogamy. We’ve constantly talked about the fact that we were meant to be with more than one person.”

“No, Miss. You talked about it. I told you that I just didn’t agree. You didn’t listen. You never listened. I told you that when I’m with one person, I’m with just them.”

“I thought you’d be willing to see reason eventually. Surely you knew that I would eventually want to sleep with men again. Certainly you knew I’d want to try for a baby.”

“Fine. Whatever. Will you please just sign the paperwork so I can go? I’ll give you the house if you want or time to move out if you choose that as well.”

“You’re breaking my heart, Heaven. You really are.”

“You broke mine first.”

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