Writing Prompts: Eagle And Flute

Writing Prompt: Eagle And Flute

Drew looked forward to branching out on his own all day long. He didn’t mind doing the chores every day. He actually enjoyed them. He knew that one day he would be the one running the farm. The more he was held responsible, the easier the transition would be. He hoped that it would be a long time yet before that came to pass.

Once he was finished with his last task of the day, he made his way to his cottage. He had to resist the urge to skip on the way there. He was so happy. He had just had his birthday and his mother had made him a beautiful flute. She knew that Drew was fond of music and wanted to give him an outlet to practice. 

His father wasn’t happy about the gift at first. He was convinced that it would get in the way of Drew’s chores and responsibilities. Drew assured him that it wouldn’t. His father finally relented and let him be. He warned Drew that if he ever faltered on his responsibilities that the flute would make its way to the weekly fire. Drew told him he understood. 

He stopped in the cottage long enough to grab his flute. Once he had grabbed it, he made his way out of the cottage and towards a cave that was near the farm. That was another agreement he made with his father. He wouldn’t play the flute anywhere near the farm. His father was concerned that the flute would agitate the chickens. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t understand.

Once he made it to the cave, he took the moment to fully enjoy the scenery. The view from the cave was awe inspiring. It always took his breath away. He hoped that he would never get used to the scene. He hoped it would always take his breath away.

He sat down and grabbed the food that he had packed to bring with him. He sat in thought of what he wanted to play as he ate. It wasn’t anything fancy. He just grabbed a hunk of bread and some cheese. He didn’t want to spoil his appetite for the fantastic meal his mother was bound to prepare. 

Once the food was gone, he took a few moments to admire the flute. He was nervous. He had used a flute before, but this was his very own. He could play it whenever he wanted to. Before he let his nerves get the best of him, he started playing. He let his instincts take over and before he knew it, the entire cave was filled with a melody he’d been working on for years. One he hoped to play at weddings.

His playing was interrupted by a whooshing sound in the cave. He turned around to see a beautiful and poised eagle looking at him. Once the eagle was sure that he had Drew’s attention, it started walking toward him. Drew was shocked. He had never seen an eagle up close before. Much less one that willingly approached him.

You look surprised, sire. Did you not mean to call me?

C-call you. How could I have possibly done that? I was just sitting here playing my flute. 

That explains it all. It would seem that you possess the gift. I suppose that means that you are my human. 

I’m sorry, what? I have no idea what you’re talking about. 

Was the flute made for you specifically?

How did you- 

I don’t have time to explain now. Look, go home and ask the person that made that flute for you. They have the responsibility to tell you everything you need to know. All I can tell you is that we are now bonded. That bond will go stronger as we grow together. I must leave now. Peace be with you, Drew.

How did you know my name?

All in good time. Take care

With that, he flew away leaving Drew in absolute shock. He didn’t know what to think. Out of the notion to play his flute, he picked up after himself and headed for home. He was surprised to find his mother waiting for him at the gate. She usually stayed busy every waking moment. He walked up to her and hugged her.

“I had a feeling you’d be out practicing that flute the first moment you could.”

“You know me well, Ma”

“So, tell me how it went. Did anything strange happen?”

“As a matter of fact something did happen. What do you know?”

“Later. Tell me what happened.”

Drew was baffled by her reaction. He decided to shake it off and tell her what had happened in the cave. He had expected her to be shocked and appalled. What he saw was anything but. She looked like she knew exactly what he was talking about and like she had expected it to happen.

“I was right. You’re the one.”

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