Weekly Reading And Blog Plans: 11/16/20

I’m really looking for a fantastic week. I’ll be returning home. I’m also finally getting adapted into my routine. For the most part anyway. I feel like I will be more productive when I’m back home quite frankly. I’m also starting a clean slate as well. I have things planned out, but I’m not going to keep punishing myself for things that I had no control over.

What I’m Reading:

Original Sin by Lydia Michaels: I’m about halfway through the book. Give or take. I’m not in love with the book, but it’s not really horrible. The story is a little hard to wrap my arm around and I don’t care for the misogynistic undertones. I mean I get it, but still.

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks: The book is a very adorable story. I’ve had to set it down to get some other books read. I have enjoyed reading it. I’ve enjoyed the characters. It can be a bit predictable though.

Blood Of The Fold by Terry Goodkind: My mother and I have been buddy reading this series. We have been really enjoying it. We are almost done with this one.. We should be done with it by Thursday and start the next one Saturday.

Books I Intend To Start This Week:

The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell: I’ve been intending to start this book for awhile now. I had it scheduled to read a few chapters every day. It’s for a book club meeting. We meet November 30th (virtually). I’m really looking forward to it.

Temple Of The Woods by Terry Goodkind: This is the next book in the Sword Of Truth series that my mom and I are reading together.

Demon’s Revenge by Skye McKinnon: This is a Novella in a series I’ve read recently. I’m rereading it because a good friend of mine will be reading it. I’m catching up to where she left off and we will be reading the rest of the series together.

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