Writing Prompts: Hope And Slippers

Writing Prompt: Hope and Slippers

Heather turned off the television with a sigh of dreamy content. She had watched her favorite movie again. She couldn’t begin to explain how much the movie calmed her and made her feel less lonely. It gave her hope even though her world felt hopeless sometimes. 

Heather had been alone for many years. Her family had turned their backs on her when she told them she had no interest in finding a husband because she had no interest in men. She had been in love with Rosland since she was a young teenager. She also informed them of this.

She was alarmed when Rosland was immediately fired because of her announcement. Before she could even apologize, Rosland slapped her hard and told her that she hated her for ruining her life. Her family found her still recovering from the attack and promptly told her to leave. The house didn’t welcome queer people who refused to live by society’s standards.

She was permitted to take anything of hers that she wished as long as she was gone by the next morning. She supposed she should be thankful that they had arranged for a place for her to stay for a month until she figured out what she was going to do and the transportation to get there. It was hard. The world as she knew it had ended forever. All because she had gained the courage to tell her parents the truth.

Heather lived in a time where technology had advanced and was constantly advancing. The world was beginning to accept people like her. She had thought that her family would see this and be just as accepting. She should have known better. It would always be money and how the society viewed people above everybody. If you had money, you were expected to be a certain way and do certain things. 

She shook the thoughts of those horrible days from her head. She just couldn’t dwell on it anymore. She had to start moving forward. She counted her blessings that her Beth, her older sister, took pity on her and helped her find somewhere to say and sent her a little money each month to help her live. She no longer needed the help, but Beth insisted on doing it anyways. She texted her all the time as well. She couldn’t resist any moment to tell Heather how proud she was of her. 

Heather looked at the time. She was unaware that it had gotten so late. She took off her slippers and placed them neatly by the bed. She took her robe off as well and crawled into the bed. Her last thought before she went to bed was of Rosland and the time Rosland had gotten so excited about Heather winning the competition she kissed her before promptly running away.

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