Writing Prompt: Defeat And Sky

Writing Prompt: Defeat and Sky

Sawyer looked up at the sky. It was as dismal as the mood around him. He didn’t know if he could recover from this. He wasn’t sure anybody he loved and cared for would. It’s amazing how things could change so drastically in the matter of moments. One moment there was a feast to celebrate Analessa being accepted as one of the King’s cooks, the next moment they were being attacked out of nowhere. 

Nobody could have expected Tiberius to send his strongest army to attack. They were their greatest allies. He couldn’t think of another town that they could trust more. It broke his heart to think that they were betrayed and defeated so senselessly. He just wished he had five minutes to be a fly on the wall to find out what went so horribly wrong.

He heard a moan in the distance. He looked over to see Brad laying on the ground. It was clear by his face that he was in pain. His heart really broke for Brad. He was set to marry Analessa next week. They had been together for many years and her moving to the castle made things easier for them. He had been one of the king’s most loyal scouters and had been for many years. Sawyer suspected that was the reason that Analessa was so readily accepted into her role in the castle.

Sawyer rushed over to Brad as quickly as he could. He held Brad’s hand in both of his while he inspected the injuries. He let out a sigh of relief. Brad would be in a lot of pain, but he would heal. He would live. Sawyer wanted to cry with relief. He had seen so many people pass on in the past few days. He was proud at how long everybody banded together to defend the town, but sadly he knew that the defeat was inevitable. It was only a matter of time. 

“Stay strong, Brad. I don’t think that Ana will ever forgive me if something horrible happened to you.”

“Easy for you to say. You won’t have to live with her. I’m never going to hear the end of this. She wanted me to volunteer to get the children to the tunnels.”

“You really should have. You’re too valuable to the Kingdom to let yourself be put in harm’s way. How do we know the King won’t come for our heads now that you went and let yourself get injured.”

Sawyer put both of his arms under Brad and slowly lifted him up. He thought it would be a lot easier than it was. Brad was lean and had very little muscle to speak of. It’s why he made such a good scout. Nobody expected the King to send somebody so frail to get information about the towns. Many people even ignored him.

“Your weight is deceptive. Has anybody told you this? Hopefully I can manage to carry you to Grant so that he can see to your wounds. After that, I strongly suggest that we get a carriage to get you to the Castle as soon as humanly possible. You would do better with the best healers looking after you.”

“Are you implying that the Castle has better healers than our dear Grant?” Brad let out a chuckle that quickly turned into a cough that sounded so painful even Sawyer felt it.

“I would never imply such a thing. Especially not in front of Grant. I do value my life. Even if I don’t always show it.”

“I know you do. Just remember that it doesn’t last forever. Don’t forget that. This might be a great opportunity to confess your feelings to Grant.”

“Brad! I think you must have a fever!”

“I do not have a fever and we both know it. Everybody sees how you look at Grant when you think nobody else notices. There are many of us who would rejoice in seeing the two of you together. You both deserve complete happiness.”

“I’ve always admired your passion, Brad. I have. I think you might be off your mark with this one though. I mean I won’t deny you’re right about me. That doesn’t mean that Grant feels the same, or that he plays for my team.”

“Oh he does. We see him looking at you too.”

“Oh you’re just talking.”

“I’m not. Just ask Sarah. She is around him every day. She knows him better than anybody.”

“You mean he and Sarah aren’t…. Together?”

Brad chuckled again. “Not even close. I think Sarah wanted to in the beginning, but her feelings quickly changed when she realized it would never happen with the two of them. Go for it! Confess your love!”

With that, he promptly passed out. His weight became even more dead than it was originally. Luckily, Grant’s cottage wasn’t that far away. He just had to make it a few more paces. The closer he got to the cottage, the more his heart pounded. Could Brad be onto something?

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