Writing Prompt: Anger And Village

Writing Prompt: Anger and Village

Melena barely managed to dodge a rotten tomato as it zoomed past her head. She had no idea what was going on. She had never seen so much anger when she visited the village normally. Usually everybody was peaceful and cheerful. That was not the case today. She couldn’t figure out what would cause the lovely people she had come to love and adore to act this way. Acting fast, she grabbed the arm of a boy that was darting past her.

“What’s going on? What is the reason for all of this chaos?”

“You haven’t heard, m’lady? It’s all anybody can talk about this morning.”

“I’m afraid I live a ways off and don’t get to hear much gossip. What is it?”

“The King has requested the eldest daughter of every home. He wishes for his son to take a wife. The daughters are to stay at the castle until the son has chosen one he wishes.”

“While that sounds like a really weird request, I’m not sure I see the reason for all of this anger.”

“The King’s son is a very bad person. He is vile and has the temper that terrifies even the bravest soldier. The people are worried about their daughters. Especially the one that may be chosen to be forced to be his wife.”

“Oh dear. I can definitely understand that concern. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“I’m afraid not. The King will be sending guards to come collect the daughters first thing tomorrow morning. I’m afraid that some of our people will try to resist and there will be a lot of rioting and chaos due to it.”

“Yes. I’m afraid of that as well. If only someone could instill peace and calm in the people so that no unnecessary violence is had.”

“If only somebody could talk reason into the King and stop him from doing all of this in the first place.”

She nodded and patted his shoulder as thanks. Her mind was swimming with the information he had given her. She had only just moved to the area a year ago. She loved the little village and the people in it, but she was still very much an outsider. She suspected that she would most likely always be an outsider. 

Stepping up to her favorite shop, she noticed a flyer on the window beside the door. She took the moment to step up and read it.

Attention! We have a lovely announcement. The King has decided that his son is in need of a wife. He will be inviting all of the oldest daughters of every family and any single woman living in the area to the castle to live. They will meet the Prince and he will get to know them and decide which lovely soul he will marry. Best of luck to all fortunate women!

With a bolt of shock, she realized that included her as well. At least she thought it did. She was very much single and living in the area. She had no idea how she could find out without being obvious. She wanted to stay under the radar as much as possible. If they knew her secret, it would be the end of her. Being selected as the Prince’s wife was the least of her concern.

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