Friday Game Chat: 11/6/20

Welcome to the weekly game chat! This is where I ramble on about the games I’ve played for the week. Sometimes the games will have been talked about before. Sometimes I’ll have played something different during the week. I sincerely hope you enjoy the blog! I figured you should see something not book related now and then!

I’ve made quite a big of progress in this game. There was an invent in which I won two really big prize items. I was in shock! My castle is now level 16. I am close to having all my buildings to level 16 as well. I plan on waiting on Dustyn to get his caught up so that we can get to castle 17 together. It’s been really fun so far. I was made r4 in my alliance. It’s a true honor. They basically trust me to be in a position right below leader.

We just had another family feast event. We’re still very actively looking for anybody to join our family. The family is called Books And Dice. The leader is tigerkatt47. She’s amazing. My name there is WillowWritesAndReads. I do need to change that to StarsBooksAndTea if it will let me. Please feel free to join the family. You can also challenge me if you wish.

That’s all I have for this week. I haven’t really had a lot of time to play games this week. It’s November, which means National Novel Writing Month. Writing is going to be my top priority this month. I have also been adapting to a new shift as well. At least I have made some time for my games! I would go mad without them!

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