Weekly Reading And Blog Plans: Revamped

This little weekly segment is getting a bit of a makeover. Instead of making a schedule type post, I’m going to talk a little bit about the books I’m currently reading. My progress on them. I’m also going to include some personal thoughts and loose plans for the week for my blog. I feel like it would make me happier.

What I’m reading currently:

Blood Of The Fold by Terry Goodkind: This is the third book in the Sword Of Truth Series. I’ve been buddy reading the series with my mom. We read two chapters a day. She has a book. I’ve been listening on audio. Well attempting to. For the past several days I’ve had a horrible headache that barely goes away with many Motrin. Any sound has been making things worse. We’re supposed to be finishing chapter 20 today. I’m starting it completely over though. To freshen up since I had barely started it.

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks: I’m going to start this out by saying that I’m not a big Nicholas Sparks fan. I find the books very boring. I’m a huge fan of the movie A Walk To Remember. It’s the one book to movie that I love the movie better than the book! Either way, a book bestie of mine really loves the author. Especially this novel. So I’m giving it a chance for her. I’m four chapters in. Can’t say I’m loving it, but I can’t say I’m hating it or finding it boring either. So there’s that.

Weekly Plans:

I have officially started my new shift this week. The first shift went well. It was kind of weird for me, but I’m excited for it. Once I get off work the next shift, I’ll take a nap and then go vote with my family.

As far as the blogs, I’ll try my best to get caught up on some older blogs and reviews. Right now, my focus is on adapting to new schedule and National Novel Writing Month. I have allotted two hours a day to blogs. So, hopefully that will give me enough time to keep up with the blogs and catch up as well. We shall see!

I have written almost four thousand words towards NaNo so far. It’s all been towards the project I’m working on that I’ve dubbed The Place That Binds Us. I don’t think my entire goal will go just towards that project. I’m also planning on doing a lot of writing prompts that I will use towards goal as well. I’m looking forward to my progress from here on!

Speaking of NaNo, I’ve decided to do updates for the project every Monday. Unless somebody wants to see a separate blog posted for it. Just let me know!

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