Game Talk: 10/23/20

This is my first official blog in the revival of this series. I’ll have a graphic for it next week. Originally, I had intended to talk about a different game every week. My new intent is to just talk about the games I’ve been actively playing. I’ll also include my information for anybody who may play as well and want to add me.

What I plan to do is make notes during the week of the games I play and my progress in them. Then I’ll post the game and a few sentences or paragraphs about my week in the game. The games may vary a lot as the weeks go by. There might be some I consistently play though. I sincerely hope you enjoy though!

Criminal Case:

I probably won’t add this in weekly blogs as much unless I’ve actively played during the week. I make it a point to log on every single day so that my teammates have another 5 hint player. I just don’t get around to playing all the time. I do have a lot of energy racked up though. So I could play for hours if I wanted to. Which I do on occasion. If you need teammates, add me on Facebook. I strongly recommend that your profile not look suspicious or you leave a message letting me know why you’re adding me.

Coin Master:

This is another game that I probably won’t talk about every single week. I really like letting spins wrack up and then using them all at once. So I don’t really play often. I prefer to get a thousand or more spins racked up before I play it. If you play, you are more than welcome to add me to my Facebook.

Yahtzee With Buddies:

Love this game very much. I should start playing it more. I’d love more buddies to challenge to games. I’d also love to add more people to the family I’m in. We just started it. Add my Facebook! I’ll probably not talk about this game often except to reference that I want more buddies. There’s not really a lot you do on there that’s worth chatting about.

Guns Of Glory:

This game consumes a good portion of my time and will probably be referenced a lot. I’m currently at castle level 14 working towards 15. I used to play a long time ago and quit. There were too many reasons. I had a castle level 28 before. I started playing again because of my mom and she was in a different Kingdom than my old account, so I just started all over. I like the game itself, but the reasons I quit are still there. It’s way easier to play it now than it was before though. If you decide to give this game a chance, I’m in Kingdom #593 and my name is LadyStarReads. When you first start the game, you are gifted a teleport that lets you move to a different kingdom if you desire. It’s pretty simple. But just let me know if you need help!

Kitten Match:

This is such an adorable game. I play when I can. I haven’t played it long. A little less than a week. I’m on level 100 something. I can’t remember which level. I’ve already collected quite a few kitties!

That’s all the games I can think of right now. I kind of play a solitaire tri-peaks game. Not as often as I should. I tend to run out of coins quickly and they are needed to play. I let them rack up, but I forget to check in to collect coins every hour and yeah. What games are you playing currently?

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