Writing Prompt: Hope And Island

Writing Prompt: Hope And Island

Hope woke up to a painful heat on her face. She slowly opened her eyes to find herself surrounded by white sand. It was hot, but not in an unbearable kind of way. The sun was beating down on her angrily. She had no idea where she was or how long she had been there.
She remembered being on the boat. She was fighting with Drew because he had walked in on her and Katherine. She remembered Drew telling her that she was throwing her life away. She told him she didn’t see it that way. Their argument was interrupted by a scream. She looked up in time to see something and then everything went black.
Water caressed her skin reviving her a bit. She took the opportunity to get up and look at her surroundings. She appeared to be on an island of sorts. She wasn’t sure how she knew from the little she could see. But the sounds of the ocean all around her made her feel like she was right.
Looking out onto the ocean, she couldn’t see the boat anywhere. What had happened? Where was she? Were there other people on the island with her from the boat? Was anybody hurt? She tried to remember what happened. Her brain throbbed fiercely every time she did. She wanted to scream in frustration.
Her mind wandered to Katherine. Her eyes teared up. She hoped more than anything that Katherine was safe. Katherine was her life. She didn’t realize that she wasn’t living her life fully until Katherine been placed in it. She closed her eyes and pictured the beautiful blue dress that Katherine was wearing when she last saw her. She had on her usual work apron. It reminded Hope of Alice from Alice in Wonderland.
She wished that she could say she loved Katherine from the very first moment, but that would be a lie. Her parents had hired Katherine as her own personal maid. They felt like it would keep Hope from doing anything that would embarrass them. Hope had always been the rebellious type. She found herself constantly pushing her boundaries. She was a disappointment to her parents every single day.
What frustrated Hope the most is that if Katherine was born into her world, nobody would have a problem with their relationship. Most of society accepted same-sex couples. What was frowned upon was dating somebody in a different social circle as you. Especially if they were hired on by your family.
Images of Katherine kept popping up rapidly. Their first kiss. The first argument they had when Katherine was hired. Their first argument after they started seeing each other. The time they almost got caught in the garden by Hope’s father. Her favorite memory was when they discovered the secret passage under the stairs. They met there every night after.
A world without Katherine in it would absolutely crush her. She didn’t know what to do. Tears were pouring down her cheeks. She couldn’t find a single clue about what had happened or why. She couldn’t find any clue that anybody else was with her.
Suddenly, she heard a rustling in some bushes nearby. She stopped to listen. There was more rustling. This time it was practically right next to her. She started to scream, but a hand was quickly placed over her mouth causing her heart to beat fast.
“Come on, Hope. We have to hide!”

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