Writing Prompt: Warrior And Sandwich

Writing Prompt: Warrior And Sandwich

Anna walked into her living room fuming. She walked home specifically to take the time to cool off. Clearly, it didn’t work. She was thankful that she had an extra session tonight. She had a lot of pent-up anger to work out and that would be the perfect time to do it. The thought of possibly kicking Jett’s ass tonight cheered her a little. She looked up to see Michelle looking up at her. She hadn’t even noticed that Michelle was sitting there on the couch. She sat down next to her and took a few deep calming breaths. Before she could open her mouth to speak, Michelle beat her to it.
“Is everything okay?”
“No. It’s not. Also, what are you doing here?”
“That matter is not important right now! Right now, it’s operation cheer Anna up! Don’t tell me they didn’t let you apply!”
“Oh, they let me apply all right. There were these guys there who were taunting me. They said I was wasting my time. They said I needed to be focused on finding a good husband who I can make sandwiches to send him for work.”
“They didn’t! Don’t they realize that women have been training to become warriors for over a decade now?”
“I guess not! They just kept making comments about how women shouldn’t be allowed to do anything and how we are ruining the way the world works. You should have been there!”
“I think it’s a good thing that I wasn’t there. I would have not been able to control my power, and we don’t want people to know about that.”
“You’re right. We need to keep that between us until we can find out more about it. Have you been able to contact any of your family?”
“Not yet. They still refuse to speak to me after I told them that I wouldn’t marry Chad. They have had our wedding planned since we were both born. They don’t seem to care that Chad is gay and completely in love with my brother!”
“They are still playing ignorant about that, huh?”
“Sadly, yes.”
“I’m sorry, Michelle. I can understand how hard that must be for you both. I know how much you care about Chad. Does your brother know that Chad has feelings for him.”
“I think he does, but I can never be too sure.”
They both sat in silence for a moment contemplating the craziness of the world. Michelle put her arms around Anna and Anna let her cuddling into her. She always felt so content that way. She felt power being pushed into her body and the last thought she had before she went to sleep was of a meadow of daisies.

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