There have been a lot of changes in my life lately. Some I can control and some I can’t. There’s nothing really major or horrible going on. I just don’t really do well with change. So sometimes it makes me get stuck inside myself. That’s why I have been a bit inactive lately. Don’t worry. I will be posting the blogs when I can. I’m currently not at home and I forgot my planner at home. For those of you who use a planner as actively as I do, you’ll know that I basically left a limb at home!

That being said, I want to announce my most important change. The blog name. I have been hoping one day that I will truly feel happy and at home with Willow Writes And Reads. I wanted a name that went well with my nickname Star. I never really adapted to it. It never really became my thing. So I decided to change it. My blog name from here on out is going to be Star’s Books & Tea. I really love the name very much.

I’ll be looking to make a logo for it as soon as I possibly can. Once I buy a decent logo, I’ll be saving to put it on a coffee mug. I’ll also be ordering a new set of business cards to pass out. I’m really excited about both to be honest. I already have something thought up for the logo. So we’ll see how it all works out! Thank you everybody who has supported me through all of this no matter what. You truly rock!

P.S. The schedule will remain the same. Only the name has changed.

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