Writing Prompt: Burial And Hammock

Writing Prompt: Burial and Hammock

Jane ignored the clamoring of voices around her as she sat in the hammock. She was completely devastated. Her world as she knew it was over forever. After just three months, the love of her life had passed away. She knew it was coming. Scarlett had been sick for a long time. That didn’t take the pain away.What made things worse is that nobody knew just how much Scarlett meant to her. Nobody could ever know the truth. It wasn’t because of the scandal behind women loving women. People were slowly starting to accept that as a natural part of life. It was that Scarlett was Jane’s servant.
She wasn’t ashamed of Scarlett at all. In fact, she wanted to tell everybody the truth of their love. Scarlett was terrified. She was worried about the way that people would talk. The speculations people would make about her. Jane had finally convinced her into letting everybody know when Scarlett found out that she was sick.
Jane heard a throat clear beside her. She contemplated ignoring it hoping that the person would go away. Instead, they came closer and rubbed her back. The contact made her want to burst out in tears.
“Love, I know it hurts. I know what she meant to you. You have to be strong though. She would want you to be. The burial is tonight. Don’t you want to say goodbye one last time.”
“What I want is to have her here with me. To tell her every day that I will love her for the rest of my life. To marry her.”
“I know that more than anybody, my child. I was hurt that you never told me, but I understood. I knew you would come to me eventually.”
“I still don’t understand how you even knew. We did our best to keep everything so hidden.”
“I am your mother. I know these things.”
Jane barely managed to suppress a giggle. Her mother always knew how to make her feel important and to take the sadness away. She was so thankful for her. She stood up and hugged her mother tightly.
“I guess I should go dress appropriately. What time are we leaving?”
“Whenever you’re ready love. Take all the time you need. Take a nice bath with some lavender. It will help calm your nerves. It won’t heal your heart, but I’m afraid that’s a wound that will always be with you.”
Jane nodded and walked away. She made her way into the house and into her room. She decided to take her mother’s advice and get into the bath. They had a few hours before they had to go to the funeral. She would relax as much as she could until then. She undressed and got into the tub. She was asleep once she got comfortable.
Jane. My love! I am so glad to finally see you!

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