Writing Prompts: Three Goals

Writing Prompt: Three goals I have set for myself are… 

  1. Finding a job to settle down with. I love the jobs I’ve had over the years, but the stress of not knowing if I will get fired and constantly being told that I am not doing good enough gets to me. I am not sure what I want to do. I have so many options and possibilities. Most of them require more training or schooling. I’m willing. I just don’t have the means currently.
  2. Having a library and office that I can be proud of. It would have bookshelves on every wall. It would also have two cushy reading chairs. My desk would be an L Shaped desk. I’d have a gaming computer chair and a computer with two monitors. I’d like to have a desk elliptical machine too.
  3. To start writing every day. I may even consider publishing one day. Right now, my goal is to write an hour or two every day. I’ll spend part of that time doing a writing prompt and the rest of the time working on some open stories I have so that they may be ready for publish one day.

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