Writing Prompt: Town And Broom

Writing Prompt: Town and Broom

The town was full of life. People were hustling from one place to the next. Mark almost got plowed down many times just trying to make it form one side of the road to the other. He had a standing appointment that he absolutely could not be late for at all. He was meeting with one of the most strictest witches of the town. Everybody feared her. Nobody would do anything for her. It worked out for him because she sought him out to hire him. He approached her home. She had a narrow yard and an amazingly spacious house. It was dark blue in color with black shutters. It was three stories high. Mark felt the house was a little too big for her since she lived on her own but to each their own. Taking a breath, he approached the door slowly.
He had barely raised his hand up to knock when the door swung open. He was greeted by somebody he didn’t know at all. She was perky looking with bubble gum pink hair and eyes so blue they were almost gray. She had a broom in her hand and freckles all over her round face. He half expected her to pop a bubble right in his face.
“May I help you?”
“I’m here to see Agitha.”
“Oh, you must be Mark. Please come in. Agitha is currently in her room. She should be down shortly. I am her niece, Brandi.”
“Nice to meet you. I didn’t know she had anybody coming to visit.”
“She didn’t either. I came by as a surprise. She’s the only family I have left and I was feeling lonely, so I thought I’d come by and see how she was doing.”
“Where do you live?”
“Oh, nowhere you know I’m sure. I live in a place called Smyrna, Ohio.”
“Wow! That’s quite a bit away from here. Did you fly out here?”
“Not at all. I drove.”
“You what?! By yourself? That must have taken days.”
Brandi surprised him by laughing loudly out of nowhere. He was taken aback. He didn’t remember saying anything funny at all. She kept laughing like she heard the funniest thing in the world. He waited until she was finished not wanting to cause a scene.
“I’m so sorry for my rudeness. I sometimes forget that people that don’t have the craft don’t really understand. It wasn’t a problem at all for me because I don’t really have to drive. I read all the way here.”
“I don’t understand. You traveled here by yourself?”
“Then how could you have possibly read on the way here and drove.”
“That’s the beauty of magic. The car drove itself. I just enjoyed the ride.”
Mark didn’t know what to say. He was stunned by how freely she talked about magic. The only witch he knew was Agitha. She acted like anybody who didn’t have the talent should know nothing about it. Now here was her niece talking about it like it was just an everyday occurrence.
I guess it was in a way. Everybody knew that the paranormal things that they thought were fiction were real. Once one species of the paranormal community came out, they all slowly did. It wasn’t taken great at first, but people eventually got used to it. That’s how things work. First, there’s shock and then people just adapt in time.
Obviously there will always be people who never fully adapt, but they don’t cause too much of a fuss if they can help it. Most of them just write posts online trying to persuade others to join their cause. Some refuse to work with anybody who is classified as paranormal. Those don’t happen that often though.
Brandi cleared her throat and said something under her breath. The next thing Mark knew there was a tray with a teapot and mugs and cookies on it. He heard a rustling and looked over to see the broom sweeping away at the floor.

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