Where ANgels Can’t FOllow Blog Tour


Check out my stop on the blog tour for Where Angels Can’t Follow by Jessi Kallison!

Where Angels Can’t Follow
by Jessi Kallison
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: September 22 2020


It all started with an inexplicable slab of marble.

And now I can’t get her out of my head. It’s more than inspiration. It’s compulsion.

I see her in my dreams. And I wake up covered in marble dust, her statue more complete in front of me.

I can’t stop sculpting, and I can’t save the angel girl.

Now iconoclasts, a quartet of archangels, and a voodoo queen—along with the plague of little old ladies running my life—are all far too interested in the outcome.

I miss normal New Orleans. (Yeah, I said it.)

But there’s no going back until I free her and get the literal heavenly host out of my life. And maybe there’s no going back then.

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 I’m not succumbing to madness. And I know deep down that people who hear voices and are compelled to carve angels are crazy.  

Not crazy. Divinely inspired. That smooth voice in my head whispers. People just don’t think about what that looks like.  

“What it looks like is losing my damned mind,” I growl.   

What it looks like is a man in a desert building an ark for the perfect storm. 

About the Author
As a devoted bibliophile and die-hard sci-fi/fantasy fan, few of Jessi’s friends were surprised when she began writing her own novels. After completing her Master’s in English, she briefly taught college courses until she realized adjuncting is madness. After a brief timeout to raise nerdlings, Jessi wrote Iron Shards. And her latest books–Where Angels Can’t Follow and Hell and High Water–will be released this fall. In her free time, Jessi explores and maps caves in the Southeastern United States and, of course, catches up on the latest good reads.

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