Weekly Reading And Blog Plans: 9/21/20

I know this isn’t requested or really needed, but I like posting these every week. It gives me a sense of organization. I also know that people can view it as reference to know what posts are coming for the week. I always try to schedule my blogs the day before. It doesn’t always happen, but I’m getting there. Please note that sometimes things may get added into the schedule later in the week. I will try to come back and edit them in, but sometimes I may forget. Hope you enjoy!

Weekly Reading And Blog Plans
Murderous Mondays

Writing Prompt
The Silvered Serpents Releases
Lifeline To Marionette Blog Tour
Sister Of The Chosen One Release Blitz
Fighting Fate Cover Reveal
Top Ten Tuesday

Weekly Coloring Projects
The Cipher Blog Tour
Brutal Prince Pre-Order Tour
Declan Release Blitz
WWW Wednesday

Writing Prompts
Historically Inaccurate Blog Tour
Kingdom Of Ice And Bone Blog Tour
Where Angels Can’t Follow Blog Tour
Last Pick Blog Tour
Thursday Quoteables

True Crime And Conspiracy Theories
The Bonnet Book Blog Tour
The Friday 56

Writing Prompt
Saturday Star

Book Photo Sunday
Sundays In Bed With…

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