Writing Prompt: Garlic And Rose

Writing Prompts: Garlic And Rose

Jane woke up from a horrible nightmare. She glanced at her surroundings. Everything was dark. She couldn’t see anything. She tasted an unfamiliar taste in her mouth that she couldn’t quite pinpoint. She knew that there was a very faint taste of garlic.
She went to move her legs and found there was something metal attached to her ankle. She sat up and felt her legs. It felt like her leg was chained to something. She started to panic. She tried to recall the last things she remembered before her world went dark.
She was at a party. Her and her friend had just gotten into an argument. She went outside to cool off and have a smoke. She barely registered a presense behind her when everything went black. Was she taken? How much danger was she in exactly?
She felt someone in the room with her. She felt her body tense. The presense grew closer and closer. She was on the verge of screaming when she felt a hand over her mouth. She grabbed at the arms and panicked further. The arms were nothing but a mass of muscle.
“Easy now, Rose. Everything will be okay. Sleep. Everything will be okay in the morning.”
She was on the verge of telling the person that her name wasn’t Rose when she felt a cloth being placed over her mouth and nose. Her mind became foggy and she lost conciousness. The last thing she remembered before everything went black again was hands stroking her hair and a song being sung softly to her.

Jane woke again with a panic. She had had a nightmare that somebody had taken her from the party that she was at and she was now being held captive. She sat up and felt a weight on her ankle. She looked down to see a metal shackle attached to a chain that went to the floor. It wasn’t a dream.
Just as she was about to scream, someone opened the door to the room. They wore a hoodie and a mask on their face that covered everything but their eyes. She was shocked by how kind the eyes looked. She was terrified, but she was also curious. They seemed to have food in their hands.
“Good morning, Rose. I brought you breakfast. It’s French toast with powdered sugar. I know it’s your favorite. I really hope that you enjoy it. I’ve missed you so much my darling. We have so much to catch up on. For now though, you need to keep up your strength.”

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