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Remington by Elisa Leigh

New Hope Shifters Book 3

Available on Kindle Unlimited

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Violet Spencer is a hot mess. At least that’s how she feels after making a spur of the moment decision that has consequences she isn’t prepared for. Trying to get out of her head, she takes a hike out in the forest. Everything goes from bad to worse in the course of a few hours and what started out as a good day turns bad. With daylight dimming, she doesn’t know how she’ll make it out alive.

There was nothing left for Remington Walker in his old pack. No mate for him to grow old with, no future he is willing to accept. Remington follows his brothers and cousins out of town, in hopes of finding their mates. He was content, for the most part, settling down with his small pack in Berkely Springs. When Jameson, then Jackson meets their mates, he’s happy for them, but he still doesn’t think he’ll find his. Until one day that all changes. He scents his mate’s blood, too much blood, in the forest near his home. His bear takes over, racing to get to her in time

What happens when he makes a choice neither of them can take back in hopes to save the woman he’s fated to love? Will she accept him and his bear or will she leave with the broken pieces of his heart?

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