Writing Prompt: Cheese And Glasses

Writing Prompt: Cheese And Glasses

Shannon was deep in thought as she prepared for the party. She was trying to make sure that everything was taken care of. She had all the glasses for the party set out on the table. She only hoped she had enough. They only invited twenty people, but she gave them permission to bring other people if they wanted.
The front door shut as Shannon was cutting the cheese. Greg was home. Finally. He was supposed to have come home two hours ago. He promised he’d come home immediately after work to help her prepare for the party. Normally, she didn’t mind that he was always coming home late from work. She didn’t even ask him questions about it. She usually worked so much that the few hours to herself was a relief. Not today. She was furious.
“Hello, love. How’s everything going? Are we almost ready to party?”
“You would know if you came home when you promised to.”
“I know. I know. I’m sorry. Mark needed help with a project he was working on. I couldn’t just blow him off.”
“Whatever. I’m just not really in the mood to argue. Can you please check and make sure we have all the food we need. If we don’t, I hope you’re willing to go to the store. We have one hour before the guests show up.”
“I am willing to do whatever my love requires of me.”
Shannon moved aside as he came over to put his arms around her. It was his signature move when she was upset. She never said anything about it, but it always made her feel mocked. He would rather placate her than acknowledge her feelings. He was so confident that a simple cuddle would make everything okay again. She couldn’t do it. Not today.
“Why is Mark more important than the promises you made to me?
“Don’t be ridiculous. You know that’s not true. Why would you even say something so horrible?”
“You just blew off coming to help me prepare for the party to help Mark with whatever it is he needed to help with! I would say that’s a pretty good indicator.”
“Shannon. Enough. As you said, our guests will be here in one hour. This is our engagement party. Why don’t you get over this fit and cheer up? People will be here to celebrate our love for each other.”
“Fit? Did you really just say fit? I know I was hearing things. I know you did not just say that I was having a fit, Gregory Byron”
The look of horror on Greg’s face made it obvious that he knew he had made a mistake. He didn’t say anything. He just sat there looking at her with his mouth opening and shutting. Shannon fled to the bedroom and locked the door. She needed time to think and cool down before the party started. She couldn’t shake the feeling that things were starting to change between them. She was no longer able to shake the behaviors she used to before.

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