Writing Prompt: Coffin And Pencil

Prompt: Coffin And Pencil

Feeling her eyes cross after hours of work, Cindy finally set the pencil down. She was at a loss of what to further do with the project she had on hand. She couldn’t believe anybody would want something so extravagant, but they did. They also wanted Cindy to handle everything specifically. It was known to everybody in town that Cindy was one of the biggest event planners in town. She just never expected anybody to want an event planner for a funeral.
To be fair, Daria was a celebrity in the town’s eyes. She hadn’t made it big, but she starred as an extra in a handful of movies. That was good enough for us. Her passing was a blow to us all. We shut everything down for two days after she passed. She lived a very long and beautiful life, but her absence would be with us for a long time.
I looked down at my notes. I had the coffin picked out and taken care of already. I also made sure that her final outfit picked and the best makeup artist in the area to take care of her. I still needed to do many things to make sure everything ran smoothly. Especially the memorial service that will take place after the funeral. She knew that people would sneak in booze in some way or another and she had to make sure things didn’t get too out of control.
She stood up and made her way to the kitchen. Her stomach growling told her that it was time for a break. She took out the ingredients for a sandwich and fixed herself a cold glass of water. She drained the water in one go and fixed herself another glass. She didn’t realize she was so thirsty.
She sat down and started to eat her sandwich. She decided to go through her mail and her email while she was eating. She sorted through the mail quickly. Most of it was just bills and junk mail. A beautiful blue and purple envelope caught her eye. It was addressed to her by her sister. Curious, she opened the envelope. It was a wedding invitation. She was floored as she had no idea that her sister had gotten serious with anybody. The last she knew, her sister was still playing the field. She decided to call her sister when she was done eating.

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