Murderous Mondays: Secrets, Spells, & Murder

Pick a thriller, horror, or mystery that you would strongly recommend to a friend or fellow reader.


This book is free at the time this blog is posted. Please feel free to grab a copy!

Reason I Recommend:

Now, to be fair, I’m still in the middle of reading this book. I’m not done with it yet. However, I am really enjoying it. It’s light and fun. It’s quirky with a bit of a darker undertone. It’s a very easy and sweet little read. I went ahead and bought the rest of the series so I can read them after I’m done with this one!

Blurb (Taken From Amazon):

Trouble is brewing in the small town of Silver Moon Falls.

Resident witch, Maddie Goodcharm, is accused of hexing the townsfolk. So not true! Maddie loves her town and its people, well, most of them anyway. When one of the townsfolk dies in suspicious circumstances, Maddie becomes the main suspect in a murder investigation.

But that isn’t her only problem. During a practice session in the woods, she accidentally casts a spell on a hiker. Jason’s not in a good place, literally, and Maddie has to come up with a reversal spell ASAP. Which she can’t do if she’s in prison. The only way out of her dilemma is to catch the real murderer.

Now Maddie is on the trail of a killer and magic may be the only thing that will save her.

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