Weekly Reading And Blog Plans: 9/7/20

This is going to be a very productive week. I’ll be starting a writing prompt every single day. I also am going to start drawing lessons. I’ll be doing 30 lessons doing a lesson a day between Mondays and Fridays until all 30 are completed. I’m very optimistic about this. Hope you like the prompts. Please comment your thoughts and if you want to see more of the stories so I know which ones to put more focus on!

Weekly Reading And Blog Plans
Dawn Rising Blog Tour
Murderous Mondays
Lesson 1

Writing Prompts
Big Love Cooking Book Releases
Forbidden Heart Release Blitz
The Girl And The Raven Book Blitz
Rage Release Blitz
Top Ten Tuesdays
Lesson 2

Weekly Coloring Projects
WWW Wednesday
Lesson 3

Writing Prompts
Guardians Of The Sky Blog Tour
Jax Blog Tour
Thursday Quoteables
Lesson 4

True Crime And Conspiracy Theories
Someone’s Story Blog Tour
The Friday 56
Lesson 5

Writing Prompts
Saturday Stars

Book Photo Sunday
Of Ash And Shadow Blog Tour
Sundays In Bed With

Nothing set in stone this week. I’m really trying to get better with this.

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