Seduced By My Bully Release Blitz

💗 New Release 💗

Seduced By My Bully by Elisa Leigh

Series: I’m Yours

Available on Kindle Unlimited

Grab it here:

Cam Beckett

The last thing I expected when getting my morning coffee was to come face to face with my biggest regret. The last time I saw her has haunted me for years. Now she’s standing in front of me asking for my order as if she doesn’t remember who I am.

She can pretend all she wants, but I saw the flicker of recognition in her eyes before she turned to stone.

I’ve made it my mission to prove to her I’ve changed. She needs to know I’m not the same person I was back then. It doesn’t help that she’s no longer the cutie I remember, instead, she’s sexy as hell with a personality to match.

Monroe Drake

When I left town, I promised I’d never come back. I used to hate this place and all of the terrible memories it held. Now I’m home because it’s the only place I feel safe. It’s the first day working at my parent’s cafe and the one person I don’t want to see is the first person to walk in.

He’s just as cocky as he was back then. Only now he’s filled out and no longer looks like the boy who made it his mission to torment me. He’s all man and I hate myself for noticing.

When he promises he’s changed, can I open my heart up or risk being hurt like I was every time before? Can I trust him to keep my safe? Will I let the boy I ran from save me from the man I’m running from?

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