The Possible Return Of True Crime And Conspiracy Theories

Awhile back, I started a blog series about true crimes and conspiracy theories. I put it on hold because I really didn’t have a lot of personal time to do the research needed to make these blogs really pop. I still don’t, but what I lack in time I make up for in passion. I am passionate on doing the research. So my thought was to pick the topic I would want to talk about on Friday and spend the week doing research in every spare moment or an hour a day or something like that on said topic. That way I can write out the blog on Thursday and have it scheduled for Friday.

I will also be open to taking any suggestions on things you’d want me to do research on. Remember that true crime doesn’t always have to involve murder. There are many crimes out there that can be talked about. The possibilities are endless. I’m excited about it just thinking about bringing it back. Please let me know if you’re looking forward to this! Thank you!

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