Writing Prompts: Butterfly And Train

Prompt Words: Butterfly and Train

Katarena was hiding in an alley trying to rest. She couldn’t remember the last time she slept. She couldn’t even remember the last time she ate a proper meal. Her focus was all on getting as far away as she could. She was no longer safe. Nobody really was. Especially not ones like herself. She fled her house so fast after hearing the horrible news that she’d forgotten to grab anything to take with her.
She felt like she had just dozed off when she heard a commotion. They weren’t close enough to see her yet. She could flee. She didn’t know where to go. She inspected her surroundings as quickly and quietly as she possibly could. She couldn’t believe her luck. Just a bit over on the other side of the alley was the train station.
Without taking the time to figure out who was around, she took off running as fast as she could. If they caught her now, everything was over. The lives that were lost to keep her safe would be for nothing if she couldn’t get out of here. He may have won. He may be in control, but he will never take her. She will never be his.
She got to the station just as a train came opened up to prepare for passengers. She was trying to figure out what to do when she saw one of them. He hadn’t seen her yet, but she knew he was looking for her. She ducked behind a wall and willed herself to turn. She chose a butterfly so that she could fly as quickly into the train without notice as she could. Once she was shifted, she flew as fast and desperately as she could. Her life depended on it.
Once she was on the train, she landed somewhere that she would not be harmed by accident. She wouldn’t feel safe to change back until the train was miles away from here. She heard somebody come in. It was him. He looked up and down the compartment she was in. He spotted a man and walked to him.
“Excuse me, sir.”
The man looked up from his book. “How may I help you?”
“I was wondering if you saw a woman come in here. She’s wearing a long purple dress. She has long red hair. You wouldn’t be able to miss her.”
The man made a show of looking around at the empty compartment before returning the star. “There has been nobody come in here that I have seen. Is there a reason you are looking for this woman. Is she in trouble?”
“The new King has some questions for her. He thinks that she would be a perfect candidate to join his royal guard.”
“Oh wow. She will be so happy once she hears the great news. I shall keep an eye out for her.”
“Thank you.”
The man went back to reading not bothering to wait for the soldier to leave the train. The soldier huffed and left as quietly as he came in. Not long after, the train doors closed and the train prepared to leave.
“It’s safe to come out, Katarena. I won’t hurt you.”
The shock of him knowing I was here caused me to turn back without even thinking about it. I stared at him with terror and shock. I didn’t know what to say. It was too late to run. I wasn’t exactly certain I could trust him.
“You are in great danger. I wish that I could tell you that getting you out of here will solve everything. It won’t. The King will stop at nothing to have you. You are one of the most powerful beings to ever exist. There are others like you, but they don’t have the power you do. He wants that. He wants you to be his so that he can use your power. I have come to protect you. At all costs.”

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