Weekly Reading And Blog Plans: 8/31/20

Some announcements. I’m not sure if I stated this already, but I am forgoing the giveaway plans for now. I’m not in a position to make it work right now. I’m going through some changes in my life right now. I have for the past month. For the most part, things seem to be calming down. Hoping it manages to stay that way.

Weekly Reading And Blog Plans
Murderous Mondays

Writing Prompts
The Milan Job Blog Tour

Weekly Coloring Projects
Capone’s Chaos Release Blitz
WWW Wednesday

Writing Prompt
All The Right Places Blog Tour
Butterfly Broken Blog Tour
Six Angry Girls Blog Tour
Thursday Quoteables

Weekly Book And Personal Chatter
Redesigning Max Blog Tour
The Hive Queen Blog Tour
The Friday 56

Writing Prompt
Saturday Stars

Book Photo Sunday
Sundays In Bed With

There are none. I need to get back into the habit of doing this. It might help.

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