Writing Prompt: Favorite Season

Writing Prompt: What is you favorite season and why?

I am not sure if this will really shock anybody, but my favorite season is Spring. Mainly because I love flowers. Flowers that are growing in the ground. Not a bouquet. Those always make me sad when they die. I always hated getting flowers because of that. Anywho, the only thing I really hate about the spring is pollen. Other than that, it’s just a beautiful and amazing time. The world is awakening again. The weather is getting warm. When the flowers are growing, it makes me feel like it’s a sign of forgiveness. Like a gentle caress or hug. A sign that no matter how bad it’s gotten, things will be beautiful again.

One thought on “Writing Prompt: Favorite Season

  1. That is how I have felt about Spring. It always makes me feel hopeful and renewed. That even during the horrible times there will be a time when you can smile and be happy and carefree once again.

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