Principles Of Love Release Blitz


🧡  Principles of Love 🧡

By Elisa Leigh

Adult Education Series

Available on #KindleUnlimited

Grab It Here:

Fawn Harrow has been teaching for a few years and has decided to transfer to a school closer to home. She loves her kids, her third grade team, and the fact that her best friend works there is totally awesome. Everything is going great until she spots the principal during preplanning and is attracted to him immediately. She stays out of his path never making direct contact with him. Surprisingly it’s easier than she thought it would be, until it isn’t.

Brighton Hayes loves his job. He’s been the principal at his school for three years and he’s damn good at it. During the summer his father passed away and had to leave the state to go deal with his affairs. He left the hiring of new teachers in his assistant principal’s hands. When he comes back and meets the new teachers he’s shocked by one of them. She’s stacked like a pinup model from the fifties and sexy as hell. He stays as far away from her as he can, not wanting to risk a scandal at his school. When it’s time to start teacher observations he refuses to let the assistant principal do hers. Fifteen minutes in her room watching her teach is all it takes for him to know he’s about to teach her a lesson she’ll never forget.

It’s back to school time, and things are getting hot for the grown-ups in these classrooms! Pack a notebook and your favorite pen because we’re about to get some adult education. Six fabulous authors are bringing you a series of fully standalone short stories that will make the schoolgirl in you squeal with delight. Get ready for sexy professors, inappropriate parent-teacher relationships, toe-curling college flings, and more that will have you wishing you could go back to school just one more time.

Binge the series here:

Belle’s Curves by Barbra Campbell

Teacher’s Pet by Poppy Parkes

Rebel Teacher by Renee Harless

Pick-Up Playbook by Halston Hart

Study Dates by Shaw Hart


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