Writing Prompt: Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Seen

Prompt: What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?

I was a cashier at Walmart for about two years. I could tell you how selfish and cruel people can be, but that’s for another blog. Every now and then, I would see some amazing things. People letting people going ahead of them, picking up items other people discarded, etc. There are some that just stick out fully.

One time in particular I will never forget was while I was ringing up this very sweet woman. She was going through many personal things. We were chatting about it while I was ringing up her items. If I wasn’t worried about getting in trouble, I would have hugged her. She was such a strong woman. After I got done with ringing everything up, she started looking through her purse for her wallet. She couldn’t find it at all. She was becoming frantic and almost in tears.

I was about to offer to put her stuff aside so she could go to the car and see if the wallet was there when the person behind her offered to pay for hers. Apparently she had heard the woman’s story and thought it was the least she could do. So, I went ahead and rang up the other lady’s things and she paid for it all. They hugged and the first woman thanked the other woman. It showed me that there were still good and compassionate people in the world.

One thought on “Writing Prompt: Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Seen

  1. These are the stories that people need to share and talk about. The goodness in people. It makes me want to be a better person. Sometimes I am worried about how offering you pay for someone’s stuff will come across and I might hesitate, especially if it is a stranger. But, when you help and can see the true joy in someone’s face and demeanor it makes it all worth while. Thanks for sharing and putting a little happiness into the world.

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