Writing Prompt: Alter Ego

Make up an alter ego for yourself.  Give him or her a name, and then describe his or her qualities, looks, etc.

Name: Arabella Blue
Qualities: Go Getter
Looks: 5’3, Black hair (shoulder length), Hazel Eyes, Plump, Likes darker clothing

Arabella is just openly done with the world. She’s done with the bill collectors that just won’t stop coming after her. She’s tired of the men that keep trying to get with her even though she’s told them many times that she’s gay. She’s tired of the best friend that keeps stabbing her in the back and thinking she can get away with it. The only thing that she’s missing in life is who she is. She feels she can’t move forward with life until she can figure that out. She’s also tired of being tired of all the time and wants to break free from the norm.

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Alter Ego

  1. My alter ego is Katya. She is a badass who isn’t afraid of going after what she wants. She is probably around 5’8”, dark hair part way down her back, Blue eyes, slender, she loves to run. She loves tigers, has a wild refuge sanctuary, and loves to travel. She is patiently awaiting me to tell her story. Lol.

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