Writing Prompts: Things I Love About Myself

Write a list of the things you love about yourself.

I chose this one because I know I can bring myself down a lot. I’m trying to be better about that. I have an inspirational muse behind that. She knows who she is.

  1. I love my sense of humor. Not everybody gets it. Sometimes that gets a little disappointing, but I still love it.
  2. I love my compassion. Anything I set out to do, I put my all into. Romance, friendship, reading. I could go on.
  3. Loyal. I am always loyal to those I care about. Sometimes to a fault.
  4. My eyes. One of my best features is my eyes. I feel like they are very expressive. I’d like to think they can express things I am sometimes unable to with my voice.
  5. My singing voice. I’m still too shy to sing in public, but I have a decent voice. I wouldn’t say that I could have ever been a star. I wouldn’t ever be able to perform in a crowd. I believe I can carry a tune though.

I’d love to hear five things you love about yourself!

3 thoughts on “Writing Prompts: Things I Love About Myself

  1. Five things I love about myself
    1. My ability to make people smile and laugh often, especially when they need it the most.
    2. My desire to want to see people go after what what they want to achieve and to push and encourage them.
    3. While it can be troubling and frustrating, my ability to see things from both sides of the issues and sometimes the way I can help communicate and bridge the gap of understanding.
    4. My quirky and uniqueness that being people joy, like being the pattern queen or creating math days or finding palindromes in the world around me.
    5. Physically: my eyes and my smile.

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