Writing Prompts: Write A Love Letter

Write A Love Letter

I never thought that I was meant for true happiness. I thought I was meant to go through the motions. Don’t get me wrong. I was happy. I have had the opportunity to be with some amazing people in my life. They made me happy and the time that I spent with them was meaningful. The problem is that I always knew something was missing. I always felt like I wasn’t giving my all.

To say that I fell for you from the moment I saw you wouldn’t be the truth. I felt a connection. I won’t lie. It just took me a long time to fully piece things together. There were times I found myself nervous and giddy around you. I never felt that before. It scared me. I found myself openly and very obviously flirting with you. I felt like an idiot. Sometimes it made me feel like you thought I was an idiot!

Things didn’t really fully hit me until one night. I felt desire from a single touch. I didn’t know how to react. My whole body locked up. I wanted to run away. I wanted to kiss you. So much. I wanted to just kiss you and get lost in you. All I knew is that I would never go back to how things were for me. I could never pretend to be happy with the comfortable life I was leading.

You turned my entire world upside down. You made me hope for things that I never thought I was meant to experience. You make me want to be a better person. You make me hope and dream. I never thought I would be able to be so open and vocal. About anything. I never thought I would be able to be myself with someone.

I still have my fears and insecurities. It’s a battle I will have to work on every day. You are worth fighting that battle for. I grow closer to you every single day we talk. You amaze me. You humble me. You inspire me. I know that I could fall in love with you if I just let go and let be.

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompts: Write A Love Letter

  1. I think that the person you would write this for is a lucky person and I know that the person would hold the words tight and take encouragement and acceptance from them. I don’t imagine the person thought you stupid, but rather instead wasn’t clued into everything going on and was fighting insecurities also about several things.

    I do like the letter and it pulls you into feeling what you are experiencing and there is an honesty and vulnerability to it that I think could be expounded upon. By the conclusion I was sad because I didn’t want it to end and I believe that is a good mark of a story. I enjoyed this writing prompt of yours!! Keep it up and I look forward to reading more stuff in the future.


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