Writing Prompts: Greatest Lesson I’ve Learned

What is the greatest lesson you’ve ever learned?

This is going to be dark

When I was nineteen years old, my sister died. She was just fourteen years old. You constantly hear about how short life is. It never really hit me until she was gone. The thought of death and not existing in this world never really struck home for me until then either. Her death and the pain that everybody around me experienced is what kept me from taking my own life. I struggled with that for years before she died. I wanted to give up when she died too, but I didn’t want to put anybody else through the pain they were already going through. Death will take someone when it’s their time. No matter their age or how good of a person they are. The biggest lesson I learned that day is that your heart can still break even though it was absolutely shattered. Even if you didn’t see the point of continuing on.

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