Weekly Reading And Blog Plans: 7/27/20

This week I will be in Savannah all week long. I have a convention I will be attending. It technically starts on Thursday, but there are a few of us that get there early. Last year and the year before, my mother and I got in the day before. We stayed so busy with the event, that we didn’t really do a lot of sight seeing. This year, we planned a few extra days. At the last minute, we planned even more to it as well.

This week, my writing prompts will be centered around my trip. I will post a picture and write about it. If it’s something that’s enjoyed, I will consider making a writing prompt a week with a photo at random. It may get me in the habit of taking more photos!

Weekly Reading And Blog Plans
Murderous Mondays

Writing Prompts
The Wife Who Knew Too Much Releases
Top Ten Tuesday

Weekly Colorists Projects
Zon Blog Tour
WWW Wednesdays

Writing Prompts
Thursday Quoteables

Weekly Book And Personal Chatter
The Friday 56

Writing Prompts
Saturday Stars

Book Photo Sunday
Sundays In Bed With

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