Writing Prompts: What Would you Do For Someone Else?

Writing Prompt: What would you most like to do for someone else if you had the money in time.

Note: I’m choosing four people here. I’m not including names. With the exception of “Mom”.

For Mom: I would pay back all my debt to her. I would also buy her her dream home and pay to have it set up for her just the way she wants it. I’d have an art studio included in the house for her.

For My Fiance: I would have a game room set up for him. I’d have all the consoles he wants and all the games he wants put in there for him. If he chooses to try doing a gaming blog, I will get him all the equipment he needs for it.

Empath Friend: I would try to set her up a room where she can just go and be by herself completely. Where she can just unwind and not feel like she’s having to take care of the world. She and I both forget to put our own personal needs first. She’s always looking after mine. I feel like that would help her look after her own as well.

Author Friend: I would make sure that she has all the material she needs to promote her book and write future books. Anything she needed to make her happy and make her dreams come true. She’s so creative that it’s inspirational. I hope to have her dedication one day.

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