Writing Prompts: Would You Rather

Writing Prompt: Would you rather live in the beach or in the mountains?

Answer: In the mountains.

Beaches are beautiful. I will never deny that. I’ve never felt comfortable on a beach for long periods of time. It’s okay for brief time periods. Especially when I’m inspired to take a million pictures of the beautiful scenery. Sometimes observing the beach scene is just beautiful. It leaves me full of inspiration. I think I would lose that inspiration if I lived on a beach.

The mountains are peaceful and calm. I feel like I would be so productive there. Also, there are places in mountain areas that are near lakes. It’s not as good as an ocean some would say, but it’s very peaceful. At least to me it is. I enjoy peace and quiet for the most part. I’m an ambivert, but I tend to lean more towards the introverted aspect of that.

My aunt and that side of the family have a beautiful lake house on the mountains in North Georgia. It’s so beautiful. I dream I will have that one day.

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