Anna K by Jenny Lee Book Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

About: Anna K thinks that she has everything she could want in life. She has two beautiful dogs. Access to horses that she can ride around whenever she wants. A perfect boyfriend who everybody adores. They are one of the most popular couples in the area. She thought she was content. Until she met Vronsky. Everything she knew and who she thought she was is constantly questioned from then on.

Plot: I’m reviewing this as an adult. So, I’m going to admit that a lot of the things I didn’t find a lot of pleasure in were because of that. Like the teenage angst. All in all, I really enjoyed this book. I can’t say it’s fully a happy go lucky book though. It’s full of drama and turmoil. It is based on the famous Anna Karenina book after all. I found out after reading the book that there will be a second book released next year. I’m definitely going to be buying it.

Characters: All of the characters added their own color to the story. You have Anna who’s torn between doing what society thinks is the right thing and what makes her happy. Then, there’s her brother Steven, who’s the pure definition of an entitled rich kid. Lottie is a really ditzy girl who was sweet and loyal almost to a fault. My favorite character was Dustin. He’s intelligent and funny. He’s loyal and very intuitive. I could go on about all the characters, but I think my point has been made.

Narration: This book was narrated by Jenna Ushkowitz. She did a pretty amazing job in my opinion. I hope she narrates the second book as well. I am also looking forward to listening to more books she narrates.

Suggestions: Nothing.

Recommend: Yes, but have tissues.


Kimmie studied Dustin’s face for a few seconds, then checked her phone pretending to look at the time. When she saw she had no new texts, she looked up and smiled. “Sure, why not? But you should know I’m a feminist so I’m going to have to pay for myself.” “Cool. I’m a feminist, too, so I’ll let you pay for mine.” Kimmie surprised herself by laughing out loud again. But no one was more surprised at Dustin’s wit and charm than he was.

A picture of a super cheesy white stretch limo straight out of a John Hughes movie appeared. The superrich were just different. They could do things on a whim like rent vintage limos for the night. Out of curiosity, Dustin googled the limo service and saw that a twenty-four-hour rental with a driver was running Steven two thousand bucks.

Dustin would have scoffed at the idea that the kid who once ate a June bug on a dare when they were four years old could ever become a senator, but the fact that the current president was once a reality star who cheated on his pregnant wife with a porn star gave him pause.

And she did it without once talking about carbs, calories, the evils of refined sugar, or apologizing for her large appetite. It was baller AF!” Steven explained he was further entranced with Marcella because she seemed so much freer than any girl he had ever met before. She wasn’t polite or perfectly dressed. She laughed at all his jokes and kept telling him he was funny for a rich dickhead.

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