Weekly Reading And Blogging: 7/13/20

This is the last week before all the fun and chaos begins! Next week is Reading Rush and the week after that is LLS! I feel like just yesterday I was musing over the fact that both were months away! I have run out of time!!! I am excited though. Please let me know if you’re attending either! I’d love to interact about both events! I’m considering doing a daily blog post for both events, but I’m not sure yet. Let me know if you want to see that! Oh and I hit 200 followers on TikTok!

Weekly Reading And Blog Plans
After The Worst Thing Happens Blog Tour
Murderous Mondays

Writing Prompts
A Sweet Mess Releases
Mayhem Releases
What You Wish For Releases
The Only Good Indians Releases
Top Ten Tuesday

Weekly Colorist Projects
The Bridesmaid Blog Tour
WWW Wednesday

Writing Prompts
Thursday Quoteables

Weekly Book And Personal Chatter
The Wysman Blog Tour
The Friday 56

Writing Prompts
Saturday Stars

Book Photo Sunday
Do-Over Blog Tour
Splinters Of Scarlet Blog Tour
Sundays In Bed With

I know this is the same thing I posted last week. It’s my entire monthly list. However, starting next week, I’ll have more specific weekly reading in mind. I’ll have a picture of the books themselves when possible.

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